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tv   News  ABC  March 22, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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the bw parkway. try using northbound route 1 or 95 this morning as a alternate. now back to you. 6:30. we have breaking news for you. the london telegraph reports a u.s. warplane crash landed in libya. we have a file picture of the plane we are talking about, an f-15e eagle. the pilot is safe and it appears to be mechanical failure that is to blame. multiple news agencies including the bbc is confirming the story with the u.s. military. also this morning, the latest on the murder at an upscale bethesda yoga shop. prosecutor say the woman charged with killing jayna murray was thought to have stolen merchandise. she fought with her coworker and allegedly killed her. the victim's parents are speaking out for the first time. linda so is here with more. >> reporter: jayna murray's appeared on good morning america and said nothing about the murder but talked about their daughter's loving free spirit. on monday, brittany norwood
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went before a judge accuseded of beating and stabbing murray to death inside the shop where they worked. norwood lured the coworker back into the store. norwood initially told police two masked men attacked and sexually assaulted them. but the story unraveled. police say there was no evidence of any sexual assault. they believe norwood staged the crime scene using a pair of shoes that were on sale in the store to create bloody footprints and she injured and tied herself up next to murray's body. norwood was a star soccer player in college and one of her teammates is shedding light on her past. >> other girls on the team told me things like watch your locker, keep it locked. she a been known to steal things. >> reporter: murray's parents say they are accused of -- they are know focus -- now focused on carrying on their daughter legacy. they are starting a scholarship. strikes on libya continued
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for the third night. u.n. security council ageeked the request for a emergency meeting to halt what it called military aggression by friend and the u.s. council members held closed-door sessions in response to's the a letter dated saturday who claimed a conspiracy was targeting his country. maryland republican roscoe bartlettt is critical of the president for sending forces to libya without congressional approval. bartlettt said that the president made the same mistake george w. bush did with iraq and bill clinton did with kosovo. he called the decision an affront to the u.s. constitution. the recent disaster in japan killed an american woman from virginia. the u.s. embassy called taylor anderson's family to say they found her body. she was in japan for the past three years teaching english. the 24-year-old graduated from randolph megan and went over to japan. >> she is so exuberant and full
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of life. when she walked into the room, she made everybody smile. >> the president of the college issued a statement on taylor's death. parts of it saying randolph making college is a close-knit family and the tragic death of a wonderful member of our community at such a young age is a loss felt by all of us. the earthquake and tsunami killed more than 8800 people so far. another 13,000 people are still missing as of this morning. he died doing what he loved. and one woman is alive because of him. mark faulkenhan saved a woman from a burning apartment building but he never made it out. sherrie johnson has more and the award begin to his family. they are accepting it on his behalf today. >> reporter: the community and colleagues will gather to thank mark faulkenhan for bravery and service to the community. he is no longer with us, for his family, it's a momentos occasion. the volunteered firefighter and paramedic died in january
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fighting a fire in the hillendale area. he lost his life while trying to rescue people from a burning apartment building. his widow and children are expected to attend the ceremony when he is posthumously given the medal of honor. he worked at the fire department for 16 years and moved on to the u.s. secret service. the baltimore county council approved a pension benefit that will pay his family as though he died in the line of duty while a still a career firefighter. his widow and children will receive 30% of the average salary he was paid when he was with the county. that ceremony kicks off tonight at 7:30 at dpowcher coaling. if you want to read more, head to and click on baltimore -- goucher college. if you want to read more, head to abc2 news.come and click on baltimore community. news from around the nation. you may chuckle when you hear this story.
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but it's getting serious out there. some folks upset things are costing more. but a guy in texas took it hinger -- took his ainger to another level. a taco bell customer was enraged because the seven beetos cost more than he thought. he fired a air gun at the employee and took off. police caught him and he shot a gun at them. over seven burritos, he was arrested and no one was hurt. he is charged with assault. what a way to celebrate, a virginia man walked out of his prison on his 46th birthday a free man after dna cleared him of one of the crimes for which he was convicted. he has been in jail since was 18 years old for a string of rapes and attacks on women. dna testing cleared him in two of the attacks and implicated another man. so far, the supreme court has declared haynes worth innocent in one case and he is hoping to be completely exonerated. >> i was put off for five years
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but i lived anyway. >> a new jersey man celebrated his 100th birthday by jumping out of the a airplane. it was not the first time fred mack took a leap from 13,000 feet and went sky diving to mack his 95th birthday. the guinness book of world records is checking to see if mack is the oldest person to sky dive. >> i highly recommend everyone do that. >> good for him. what a way to celebrate. >> you will enjoy it. as the ecomony recovers, and more and more jobs are created, it seems the jump for the genders is lopsided. >> how many of the jobs are going to men and why employers are more likely to offer them employment. as gas prices rise, the prius is looking better than the it save money on the trade- in? a consumer warning that says you may need to think long and hard before you go forward with that trade-in. a great looking lawn like this,
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the ecomony might be getting better, but a new study says the improvement is lopsided in favor of men. men lost twice as many jobs as women, but now some are calling the slow national recovery the he covery because unemployed women see no signs of things getting better. of the 1.3 million jobs gained in the united states during the recovery, more than a million nearly 90% went to men. only 113,000 went to women. >> the people who are doing the hiring thinks it's more important to put men back to work because they are supporting families. but the fact is women are the main breadwinners in about 40% of families. >> women were left behind in
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the government's economic stimulus packages. the investment infrom a structure in -- infrastructure in roads and construction. they make up for 13 pores of the --% -- 13% of the construction work force. experts say don't rush to buy the more fuel efficient car yet. the guys at kelly blue book saythat you should wait for the gas price to come back down and don't act hastily. they say back in 2008, thousands of drivers traded in their trucks and suvs for a loss just to spend more money on a fuel efficient car. in the end, do your homework. don't act on the fear of panic and make sure you know what you are getting into before spending thousands of dollars you don't need to. it's not quite 101 dalmatian but 50 dogs is a lot. a couple had hoard dogs and they could be making families happy. >> the adoption process starts today. and the case in one home had too many dogs. and we are tired of
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everything costing more and now fees at the mva could be going up. we will tell you about the state's new plan to raise millions of dollars. and spending of millions of dollars, you might want to pick up a mega millions ticket. the drawing tonight could make you $2 had 4 -- 2 44 million dollars richer.
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15 minutes away from 7. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson let's kick off your news to go with the check of the forecast with justin berk. >> quite a kevin more than yesterday when the storms hit. especially good morning to those at east middle school. i will be there on thursday to have lunch with the students aand talk weather and do a wind contest and raise money for a good cause. we are excited. east middle in westminster, 43. wind light out of the northwest. a boundary is slipping through. a chance of fog developing in some spots but that the that widespread. a little patchy fog but the cloud went out. a mild day near 606789 rain and snow in a moment.
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here's kim. >> reporter: we are looking at a serious accident northbound on the bw parkway at 159 blocking all lanes right now. the northbound lanes are on the right-hand side at route 32 in howard county. so the delays are stretched back to this point. so police are diverting drivers onto 195. people are taking route 1 or 95 as an alternate. you might want to avoid that. dealing with an accident in baltimore city, at wabash avenue and liberty heights. now back to you. animal control officers say it's the worst case they have seen. 51 dogs living in a home. the dogs need good places to go. linda so joins with us more on how many dogs one couple had. linda. >> reporter: well, the couple says they just started with one dog about 15 years ago and then added a another and started to breed. that's when things got out of hand. in all, 51 dogs were taken from the home in the 1800 block of
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choptank road in pasadena in the green gables neighborhood. the dogs are yorky, poodle or yorky poodle mixes. animal control officers remove the dogs after a tip. the owner of the dogs says he and his wife nerd planned to -- never planned to have this many. when the buyers stopped coming, they kept the dogs. and they were afraid to call the pound because they didn't want them youth eyed. the oner -- ewingized. the own are says -- euthanized. he owner says he is releavened it's over. >> it's not -- relieve it's over. >> it's not intend to end up how it did. you are on a ride and you can't get off. >> reporter: you are only allowed to have four dogs without a breeder's license. officials have not decided whether they will charge the owner. all the dogs are healthy and up for adoption starting today at the animal shelter except for throw that are pregnant. there's more information at linda so, abc2 news.
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. the baltimore city police officer shot last friday night had to have emergency surgery. detector was supposed -- the detective was supposed to be released yesterday but there were complications from the gunshot wound. was hit in the neck during a shootout. a spokesperson says he will be hospital eyed for the immediate future. a man from california will spend 21 months behind bars convicted in the theft at a glen burnie hospital. john is receiving -- received false invoices and services and equipment at baltimore washington medical center that is a hospital -- the hospital never received. the mother made the invoice payable to a company associated with him and he was fined 360,000 dollar. his mother received the same sentence in fab. -- february. baltimore city police are investigating a home invasion and burglarych the owner of a home -- burglary. the owner of the home came
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homethis weekend to find a man and woman at their dinner table. the suspect took off with $70 in cash and prescription drugs. anyone with information is asked to call the police. a marine from westminster night afghanistan over weekend. james malachowski died during combat operation. he graduated and went right into the marines. he was in the 2nd battalion, 8th marine regiment second marine division. his mother was retire from the marines and his sister brandy served in the army. a man accused of going on a shooting rampage has been ordered to undergo a mental competency evaluation. jared loughner is suspected the shooting rampage that killed 6. 13 others were injured including representative gabrielle giffords. former minnesota governor took steps towards his run for the white house in 201.
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he announced his intention on his facebook page and says he is forming a presidential exploratory commission that allows him to start raising money e touts himself as a fiscal conservative. he has been traveling through key early voting states recruiting advisers and laying out a vision that he sees for the country. >> a baltimore native and u.s. house democratic leader nancy pelosi is feeling better after a brief time in the hospital in rome. she skipped talks but resumed the schedule later in the day. she is in italy with the congressional delegation. she turn 71 later on this week. ten minutes away from seven right now. the state assembly wants to hike fees at the mva. see when you buy a car, you've title and you have to buy that. that cost a dollars and might go to 100. vanity tags would double from 25 to 50 dollars raising
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roughly 50 million dollars to help highways and return some of the cash the governor chopped off from schools. the house plan includes good news for the state's 23 counties. they would receive an additional five mill crop do -- 5 million dollars in road money add together 8 million the governor offerred. today a. career , a career turned volunteer firefighter will receive an enormous posthumous honor. the widow and children of mark faulkenhan will be on hand when he is posthumously given the medal of honor. three other firefighters whofought the january fire that claimed his life are also going to receive the medal of mondayor. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will announce recipients of the first baltimore city invasion fund. the mayor created the fund to provide startup monies for city agencies and hopes the money for startup helps to improve the agency or reduce overall operating costs. two residents are back
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home. the 1854 warship constellation and world war ii submarine torsk are back in the inner harbor. they have been away for crubbing -- scrubbing and repairs but they are back this morning. the university of maryland at college park and the university of maryland baltimore, could they become one? a budget subcommittee adopted a proposal language yesterday. and the idea would have to be approved by the general assembly. the university maryland college park is the flagship university with major undergraduate and docket rail programs. and it has significant research components. university of maryland baltimore has seven professional and grad schools that train the majority of the state's doctors, nurses and dentists and lawyers and social worker and pharmacists. well, today maryland center barbara mikulski will meet with educators to discuss the needs of rural school district. the discussions will take place in easton as superintendents from nine dern eastern shore counties will attend the
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meeting. this comes as congress gets ready to take up the reauthorization of the elementary and secondary education act. that emphasizes equal access to education. if you want a quality education without giving up all your cash, you don't have to go too far. according to money magazine and cmn, -- cnn howard community college is featured in both publication. according to money magazine's article. howard comoont college is affordable and where families are sending children for a quality education. while saving thousands of dollar at the same time. you wouldn't have to worry about any of this if you bought a mega millions ticket. rush out and do that because the drawing is tonight. and this one is a big one. the the mega millions jackpot climbed to 244 million dollars. if someone from maryland wins, it would be the biggest jackpot winner in state history. cashout value is more than 155 million. and again, don't forget the
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drawing is tonight. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecastest is certified most being ary by weatherate. >> those of you -- most being a ret by weatherate. >> we may get our jackpot this week twice. check out weather maps. snow across northern new england continues to -- continuing to keep the spring ski season alive and the ribbon of moisture to the south is trying to slip through maryland. 30s on the north side, 50s around baltimore be a south -- and southbound. we will have severe weather threats and tornadoes and hail and winds to the south. snow to the north. and we will watch this boundary that ribbon moisture -- ribbon of moisture spread in our direction. this moisture back to the west works its way in our direction while i think we get early sun slip through. showers this evening. and most of the day should be dry. watching a mainly rain event out of this could be heavy at
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times as we watch severe storms to the west and throw some boomers our way. then as we get through midnight tomorrow night through thursday morning, look at this, rain goes to snow, snow may drop a slushycoating or inch on the north side including northern carroll and northern baltimore counties, something pa including york and harrisburg and snow showers through thursday. i don't think we will have too much stickage but another system behind it over the weekend, we could have widespread snow on saturday and sunday. big smile for the kid. 60 today. no snow but early fog and sun giving way to mostly cloudy skies. rain showers this evening. and overnight. back down to about 45. tomorrow, we slip the temperatures back. we are watching storms to the west. it could be a boomer our way, 55. 46 with some snow mixed in at the end on thursday morning. 48 friday, and the weekend in the upper 30s. a wet and sloppy wentry mix especially sunday. kim. >> reporter: we are keeping an eye on an accident affecting the southbound lanes of 895 right there near the o'donnell street exit. it was a two-vehicle crash and
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it appears the vehicles left scene and police are holding traffic. we are seeing the police there clear out. so now traffic is resuming and about to start flowing. expect delays from the 95 split. the delays almost pushing close to ten minutes. looking at the drive times, heading into southbound on the harrisburg expressway no major problems on the jfx. outer loop volume building from 795 to 70. that takes about 9 minutes this morning. we have a couple other incidents including an accident in baltimore city. wabash avenue at liberty heights, also northbound on the bw parkway at 195, the right lane remains blocked and the left lane has been cleared. you are looking at delays from route 100. a lot of people are bailing out on 195 heading towards route 1 join us for "good morning maryland" at nine. the hot topic is on the fan page. did your birth order determine anything about your future. also, where to get the most expensive cup of coffee in
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